Secondary & Tertiary Scholarship Program

Main objectives: To increase Roma students’ access to and participation in secondary and tertiary education, and To facilitate Roma students’ transition to the labor market by offering scholarships, mentorships/tutorships, soft/life skills trainings, career guidance, and opportunity development.


Main Objective: To contribute to the social inclusion and poverty reduction of Roma people in Albania and Kosovo. Methods: Support vocational education and training; facilitate transition of Roma to the labor market; empower stakeholders to take measures in support of Roma employment transitions.

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AtoJ for Roma

Promote respect for HRs, equality before the law and non-discrimination; Ensure better coverage, accessibility and public outreach, raise awareness on HRs and discrimination issues and facilitate the lodging, as well as an effective response to violations of HRs and discrimination complaints; Enhance fulfilment of the social and legal needs of the people in need through facilitating legal education and increasing legal awareness of the Albanian society on the rule of law and human rights; informing marginalised groups on legal aid guaranteed by the state; Strengthen coordination among services providers and the community in areas where there are not yet established FLA centers.

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Welcome To Roma Versitas Albania

In response to an increasing number of Albanian Roma students in need of a centralised site from which to launch joint initiatives and to engage in both individual and collective development, following the Albanian RomaVersitas Program launched in 2014, founded the organisation with the name of the program. It was designed to respond to the particular challenges of Albanian Roma people, and was established with the support and at the request of the Roma Education Fund. On April 8th, 2016, Roma students themselves submitted a formal registration request to form RVA. Roma Versitas Albania is a civil society organisation registered under the court decision No. 5347, dated May 30th, 2016.


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Recognition of the Roma Genocide


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kmile    |    April 14, 2021


Albanian Language KËRKESË PËR OFERTË BLERJE: 200 SIM CARD INTERNET PER 2 MUAJ 110 TABLETA 10 LAPTOP Në kuadër të zbatimit të projektit “Covid-19 Emergency Support On Education – 2nd Phase ...

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